Foskey Road

by Edward Foskey
Back in 2007, I was driving between Dublin and Swainsboro, Georgia, on U.S Highway 80 when I passed a little country dirt road. The road itself looked like any other country dirt road. However, it had this sign. So, I just stopped right there in the middle of the road, did a 3 point
Foskey Road Pic
turn, and went back just to take this picture. I had never seen a street sign with my name on it before that day. I thought it was so cool that I just had to pull out my camera and shoot this picture.

When I got back home, I showed it to my wife and daughters. They thought it was okay, but they did not share my excitement. I showed it to a few friends, but they weren’t overly enthusiastic about it, either.

Thanks to all of the underwhelming response, my enthusiasm about that sign just waned. I would say the picture sat and collected dust, but that is not true. It sat in the recesses of an external hard drive that is my photo drive. Nothing going on with it… just sitting there! Every now and again, it would come to mind. Whenever I would have to make that run to Swainsboro, I would always look for it, and it would excite me again. Still… the picture was stuck on that disk… nothing but a piece of computer code… waiting to be brought back to life.

So just what purpose would a picture that showed proof that someone who shared my surname had a road named for them serve? Probably nothing more than just to prove that someone did. If I was kin to this Foskey, odds are that we would have to trace the name back to someone who lived in the early 1800’s or so… if not even further back in time. So what difference did it make? That question started stirring around in my mind probably in 2009. What difference did it make? Most of the time, the answer was simply, “None.”

Then, one day, I realized that it would only have significance for me if I gave it significance. As 2010 and 2011 came around, I found my work taking me on the road more and more. I remember this just like it was yesterday! I was riding on the interstate between Dublin and Atlanta and the original version of “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane came on the radio (yeah, the same one Rascal Flatts later sang for the movie, Cars). In some ways, life is a highway. We make all kinds of journeys... Some are long... Some are short... We turn down side streets... We take open highways... We even get off the road onto footpaths... Sometimes the ride is slow... Other times, we race with the wind in our faces...

Foskey Road News is going to chronicle various parts of my latest journey. This will mostly be the journey of Synergy Home Advantage and the work I do. Sometimes, it will be about the people I help... Other times, it will be about the things I see... Or the mistakes I make and the lessons they bring... Maybe the new discoveries I make... Hopefully, it will bring a smile to your face or add some other small value to your life.

Foskey Road is my little footpath in life. Thanks for sharing part of that journey with me.