Hunt School Village


Hunt School Village is a new 60 unit Senior Adult apartment community located at 990 Shurling Drive, in Macon, Georgia. The community center building is the former Administration Building of the Henry A. Hunt Elementary school which served the Macon community beginning in the fall of 1955.

Part of the appreciation of Hunt School Village is to know part of the history of the Henry A. Hunt School as well as part of the story of Mr. Henry A. Hunt, himself.

The school was initially constructed to serve the African American community of East Macon. It was named to Honor African American educator Henry Hunt, the former principal of Fort Valley High and Industrial School. At the time of completion, it was considered "one of the finest schools built up to this time," and consisted of 16 classrooms, a library, combination lunchroom and auditorium, a clinic, and an office. The school initially served first through seventh grades and served as an elementary school until 1984. From the 1985-86 school year, until its closure in 2004, the school served as a magnet school with curriculum emphasizing literature, creative writing, and foreign language. The school remained vacant until 2014 when purchased by In-Fill Housing, Inc., who restored the administration building and constructed two new apartment buildings which replaced the classroom buildings.

Henry A. Hunt was born in Sparta, Georgia in October 1866. He grew up in Sparta as the fifth of eight mixed-race children. He enrolled in Atlanta University at age 16 where he graduated with honors from the college department, but was also interested in the school's industrial education program. There, he learned the builders' trade and worked on construction of a number of schoolhouses in both Georgia and Alabama. Upon graduation in 1890, he entered the education field and held positions in elementary level education and even served with Biddle University (later Johnson C. Smith University) in Charlotte, North Carolina for thirteen years.

In 1904, Henry Hunt became the principal of Fort Valley High and Industrial School in Fort Valley, Georgia. During his tenure, he created programs that prepared his students for the lives the would lead living in an agricultural community. His work as an educator extended well beyond elementary and high school and was open to all who lived-in the area. His efforts improved the lives of African-Americans of his generation and generations to follow. His efforts brought him recognition and posts at both the state and national levels during the first 35 years of the 1900's.

It was in honor of his great work that led to this small school in Macon being given his name, and it is in honor of his great work that Hunt School Village will continue to bear his name. Hunt School Village will greatly serve the senior adults of Macon and, in doing so, honor the memory of this fine man.

The development and construction of Hunt School Village showed the same excellence that Henry Hunt showed during his life by scoring 126 points in the EarthCraft Multifamily program. This excellence will serve the residence for years to come.

Apartment amenities include:

  • High efficiency heat pump system
  • High efficiency water heater system
  • ENERGY STAR® refrigerator and dishwasher
  • ENERGY STAR ceiling fans
  • Water efficient faucets and showers
The community offers many additional amenities.

While it has been a privilege to play a part in this project, Synergy Home Advantage’s only role at Hunt School Village was to provide Energy Efficiency related advisory and testing services. We had no other role in this project. Nor were we compensated for this brief history lesson on the Henry A. Hunt School or Mr. Henry A. Hunt. Synergy Home Advantage thanks In-Fill Housing, Inc. for sharing these histories with me so I can share them with you.

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