Our Projects 2016 and Beyond


Synergy Home Advantage has had the privilege to work with a number of quality developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, and sub-contractors over the past few years. These projects were completed in 2016 and beyond.

In each of these projects, Synergy Home Advantage has remained true to its purpose: HELPING MAKE AFFORDABLE HOUSING AFFORDABLE.

These days, affordable housing is NOT what we used to know of as "The Projects." If you are too young to remember "The Projects," they were known to be low rent and low quality. Affordable Housing today is high quality and energy efficient in multiple ways. On top of quality housing, the properties Synergy works with offers such amenities as playgrounds, community gardens, walking paths, and community centers that offer a host of opportunities for residents. Some of these opportunities include a computer center, fitness center, community kitchen, and other service and recreation opportunities.

Rather than just provide a simple list of the names and number of projects completed, it seems that providing photos and some of the stories of the projects shows just how great this housing is. Please take a few minutes and visit some of the properties Synergy is proud to share in part. Read some of the stories of the projects and enjoy the photos.

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