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Plantation IV is located at 201 Casey Drive in Richmond Hill, Georgia. This project is a complete renovation of all units and includes the addition of an expanded community center and manager’s office. The developer for the project is Prestwick Development. The general contractor is Prestwick Construction.

Work began on the project in November 2012, and the projected completion was August, 2013. This project experienced a number of challenges including remediation for water and termite damage in many of the buildings.

Both one and two bedroom units experienced significant floor plan changes. This provided opportunity to add additional closet space and overall living space. For the one bedroom units, the bath was moved from access only through the bedroom to a central location easily accessible to guests as well as residents.

When this project was initially inspected, tests and inspections indicated inadequate insulation in both the walls and the attic areas. Most heat pump systems were limping along at best. Many apartments were well worn. After the renovation, the apartments were well insulated and functioning and efficient windows. They also had new appliances including ENERGY STAR® refrigerators and dishwashers (a new addition to the apartments). High efficiency heat pumps were also installed. Final test results indicated that, on average, tenants should see a 40-50% improvement in their utility costs.

Plantation IV scored 139 points in the EarthCraft Multifamily Renovation Program. As is typical with a complete renovation project like this one, the primary emphasis was placed on the "Energy Efficient Building" category. Also, a strong emphasis was also placed on ventilation and indoor water conservation.

My favorite experience in my work happened at this site. On my very first visit to test the units, I met a tenant who was struggling to pay her monthly Georgia Power bills that were averaging over $200 per month in a small, 850 square foot apartment. She was even keeping her air conditioning set over 80 degrees during the summer to try to lower her bills. (A photo of her heat pump’s air handler is in the photos down below.) In August of 2013, I had the opportunity to meet with her again in her newly renovated apartment. She had been living there since early June and had only received 2 Georgia Power bills. Her WORST power bill was WELL BELOW $100! Better yet, she was able to keep her apartment at a very comfortable 75 degrees during the heat and humidity of a Georgia Coastal Region July!

Plantation IV is a 48 unit general family affordable housing community that was originally constructed in 1990. This community is located within walking distance from Richmond Hill High School. This is the first significant improvement project since the apartments were originally constructed.

Below is a collection of photos of the project before, during, and after the renovation.

Synergy Home Advantage’s only role at Plantation IV was to provide Energy Efficiency Related advisory and testing services. We had no other role in this project.

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