Cherokee Mill Lofts


Cherokee Mill Lofts is a new general family affordable housing made up of a variety of one- two- and three-bedroom apartments. This project was constructed inside the building of the old Ojay Mills in Calhoun, Georgia. The owner of this property is Landmark Development, and the General Contractor is Rehab Builders. Both companies are located in North Carolina.

Cherokee Mill Lofts provides to giant benefits to the fine people of Calhoun. The first benefit this 110,000 square foot building provides is 60 units that have been constructed both for beauty and high energy efficiency. The second benefit is that the clean-up and restoration of this building brings new beauty to this part of Calhoun. Finally, a third benefit is that this historic building is being saved rather than torn down. This is especially important because this building is located in a prime location in western Calhoun and is a sight that is seen by all who travel through this area.

Ojay Mills was a bed spread factory opened more than 60 years ago. For many years, Ojay was a major employer in Gordon County. However, over time, the industrial make-up of the area changed and the factory closed. After years of sitting empty, the building finally gave way to age and vandals.

• So, besides its history, what gives Cherokee Mill Lofts its charm? I think this is a pretty good list:
• The exterior of the building was restored to look much like it would have looked in its heyday as the location of one of Calhoun’s leading employers.
• The interior of the apartments will have modern “home” looks like finished wood and carpeted floors in some rooms, modern kitchens and baths, high efficiency heat pumps and water heater.
• The interiors of the apartments will have old “factory” looks like large windows, concrete floors in some rooms, industrial style interior lighting, and fully exposed air duct systems.

Take a few minutes to see some of the project photos. These photos include quite a few that show what the property looked like before renovation, during renovation, and after renovation. You will be amazed at the results.

Synergy Home Advantage’s only role at Cherokee Mill Lofts was to provide Energy Efficiency Related advisory and testing services. We had no other role in this project.

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