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Certifying Energy Efficiency in Georgia

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What is Synergy Home Advantage?

Synergy Home Advantage is a company that provides various home energy improvement consulting and technical advisory services. Below is a list of the services we provide:

EarthCraft Multifamily Technical Advisory Services

The majority of the work of Synergy Home Advantage is serving as the EarthCraft Technical Advisor for both new construction or renovation.
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Georgia Energy Code Inspections

All new construction and major renovation in the state of Georgia is required to be tested for building envelope air leakage and heat and air duct leakage.
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Georgia Power Earthcents New Home Certification

Georgia Power's Earthcents New Home program requires that new homes have a HERS rating and receive a score of 77 or lower. Synergy Home Advantage is an approved program participant providing testing and rating services.
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Georgia Power Earthcents Home Energy Improvement Multifamily Certification

Synergy Home Advantage is an approved program participant providing testing and certification services. We DO NOT provide this service for single family houses. This service is available for multifamily projects only.
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ENERGY STAR® For New Homes

Highly efficient new homes can often qualify for the ENERGY STAR for new homes. Homes must be inspected and tested to assure they meet all the standards required for ENERGY STAR qualifications.
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EarthCraft Light Commercial Field Verification

The EarthCraft Light Commercial program is for commercial construction 25,000 sq ft and less. This program can help assure that costs for energy consumption and water consumption are reduced while providing comfort and sustainability at reasonable costs.
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