How Valuable is Affordable Housing?

Some Facts About the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

The LIHTC is many things:

  1. Successful
  2. Efficient
  3. Sorely needed
  4. Home for nearly 6.5 million low-income families nationwide
In the Georgia LIHTC program, the following numbers of residential units were approved for construction or renovation since 2010:
  • 2010: 2,124
  • 2011: 2,145
  • 2012: 1,976
  • 2013: 2,312
  • 2014: 2,292
  • 2015: 2,572
  • 2016: 2,621
  • 2017: 2,211
  • 2018: 2,309
These properties are located in urban, suburban, and rural areas in all areas of the state. They are also a mix of newly constructed properties, renovated properties, and adaptive reuse properties. Each of these properties has earned (or is earning) a green building certification focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability.

How Synergy is Prepared to Help

If you own and develop affordable housing, Synergy Home Advantage can provide you with the services you need to certify the energy efficiency and sustainability of your projects. Your housing needs to be affordable to build, affordable to own, affordable to rent, and affordable to live in.
Synergy Home Advantage provides services to assist you in leaving no doubt that your affordable housing is truly affordable. We do that by providing:

  • Design Review: This is to assure that your project will meet all of your sustainability.
  • Verification: We will visit the site before MEP's start to meet with them to assure that they understand the work needed. Then, we will inspect their work before drywall is installed to assure that all standards have been met or exceeded. Then, we complete a final inspection that includes diagnostic testing to assure that all energy efficiency and sustainability goals have been met.
  • Education: Throughout the process, we take the time to work with you, your contractor, and your subcontractors to assure everyone has an understanding of how to cost effectively build energy efficient homes.
  • Certification: Finally comes the certification. To claim that you have built sustainable housing requires independent third party verification. We provide you with that peace of mind. We specialize in EarthCraft Multifamily Certification and National Green Building Standard Certification.
To find out more about making your affordable housing truly affordable, please click the Contact Synergy link below or call 478-697-5609.

EarthCraft Multifamily Technical Advisory Service

The EarthCraft program began in 1999 as a joint venture between the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Energy Institute as a regional green building program to address the climate conditions commonly found in the Southeastern United States. This program focuses, among other things, on energy-efficient and resource-efficient houses.

In 2004, the program expanded to produce the first multifamily-specific green building program in the nation. ECMF continues with the tradition of a strong focus on energy and resource efficiency as well as comfort and sustainability. This program encompasses new construction, renovation, gut-rehabilitations, and adaptive reuse.

Synergy Home Advantage began with its focus in this program and has 8 years and has over 70 projects and over 7,000 apartment units certified.

National Green Building Standard Green Verification Services

Home Innovation Research Labs was founded in 1964 as the NAHB Research Center as a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders. From their early beginnings, they have grown to provide, among other fine services, accredited third-party certification services related to the home building industry.

Among these is the National Green Building Standard. This program focuses on helping developers and builders (from their web site) "improve the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of homes…." Synergy Home Advantage is proud to be an NGBS Verifier.